Golden GiddyUp

The Golden Giddyup is a community sponsored bike event and trail stewardship program held in Golden, Colorado on September 10, 2017 on Jeffco Open Space trails. Founded after the 2013 floods wrecked towns and trails from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, the Giddyup is the product of all of the volunteer hours spent rebuilding our parks. Our partners are REI, Yeti Cycles, Laws Whiskey, the trail stewards at Jeffco Open Space, JeffcoOutdoors, Earth Trek, Onsight and Scratch; all of whom want to make sure that the hard work and community spirit lives on long after the waters have receded.

Event Details

Event Start: Sep 10th 7:00am

Event End: Sep 10th 6:00pm

Registration Opens: Mar 14th 12:00pm

Registration Closes: Sep 8th 12:00pm (or event fills)

Events Queries / Organizer Info

Name: Mike Melanson

Email Address:

Call - +1 (303) 501-6987

Course Options

The GiddyUp offers three course options



The Giddyup Classic is the full course which includes loops through North Table Mountain and Chimney and Apex. We are doing it Endurondo-style, meaning we'll have some timed climbs and some timed descents, and some segments in between where you can just enjoy the trail. CLASSIC COURSE IS SOLDOUT.

  • $120.00 Cost:


Chimpex, a local's favorite, includes the climb up Chimney Gulch and the Enchanted Forest and Apex descents. This short course option is a great choice for riders that want the technical grunts and white-knuckle moments that all JeffCo riders know and love, all without a family of hikers around that next turn.

  • $95.00 Cost:


North Table is the favorite Spring playground of the Denver area, offering the rolling terrain that is so hard to find in this land of elevator climbs. This course has four timed sections, including the dreaded Fire Road ascent that makes 10 minutes feel like a full week and the Cottonwood Three Step, a quick up with glory on the other end. The riding is less technical, faster, and flows well for anyone interested in turning the pedals over. And over.

  • $80.00 Cost:

Registration closes Sep 8th 12:00pm

  1. If you miss your start wave, you will start in the last wave of your race.
  2. Wear your helmet from start to finish and everywhere in between.
  3. Littering will not be tolerated. This is your backyard, treat it as such.
  4. Respect your fellow racers. If you are overtaking another racer, announce your pass prior to actually passing. Bells are encouraged for friendlier passing, now and always.
  5. You must ride/race on the same bike all day.
  6. Once you leave the start of Lion’s Park for Stages 1 and 2, you have 3 hours to get back to Lion’s Park. No time cut offs for NTM races.
  7. You must ride/pedal/walk the entire course. No shuttling between stages. Shuttling will result in disqualification permanently from the event.
  8. You must obey all rules of the road while on cement/pavement. Failure to do so will result in disqualification permanently from the event.
  9. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be that rider. Make good decisions. It’s been years of planning and we have one chance to make a good impression. We can have fun, ride fast, and be responsible trail users on event day!
  10. No headphones allowed.


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