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Golden GiddyUp

Who we are

The Golden Giddyup is an Enduro-style event that is about going fast sometimes and enjoying yourself all the time.

The second annual Golden Giddyup will be held on Sunday, September 10th, 2017 in Golden, Colorado. This all-day mountain bike event is both a great day in the saddle and a way to commemorate the 600 hours of trail work Giddyup organizers, partners, and riders have put into Jeffco Open Space trails and parks throughout the past year. We’re working with Jeffco Open Space to hold this event on Apex, Chimney Gulch, and North Table Mountain. The Giddyup features an enduro-style format, with timed descents and climbs, meaning all styles and strengths will be celebrated on stage. Awards for the day include the Best Climber, and Best Descender, much like crowning the King and Queen of a high school dance (you decide which is which ;-)).